Sales operations have started at KuleRAMS!
Rams Yapı that carried out projects of Sample Park, Sample Style and Sample Home in Ataşehir and Şerif-Ali where are the most favorite locations of Anatolian side, has begun the sales of its last project. KuleRAMS that is the last project of Rams Yapı standing out as one block in the most... More >>
The countdown has begun for the project of Esatpaşa!
Rams Yapı that designs living space of future, has completed the final preparations of a project to be constructed in Esatpaşa another valuable area of the Anatolian side of Istanbul, after it started the construction and sales of KuleRAMS project in Şerifali the star of the Anatolian side.... More >>
Sample Home Project is on the rise and its sales continue!
Sample Home project which its foundation was laid and rising on another point of Ataşehir, is on the market again with Rams Yapı's assurance after the project of Sample Park. Apartments which include leisure facilities such as terrace with barbecue, ornamental pool, playground, sauna... More >>

To look at it from a different angle changes many things when producing projects which determine standards of investments and life in future. It provides ideas and inspiration to buildings and innovations breaking ground. We are doing it exactly like that as a brand which aims to be one of Turkey's biggest construction and lifestyle brands when doing projects with its different style, designs and concept that brings a breath of fresh air to the sector.

We are attempting to do things far superior to their counterparts and have never been done before, away from commonplaces and imitations and we are adding values to living spaces with a point of view that comes into focus of innovations. We are pushing the limits of what can be done with each project we create for people. We intend to design not only buildings, but also ...More >>
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